Oosafe® Plug ’n’ Use Camera Specifications
Sensor HDMI 6.0 Mega pixels, CMOS high sensitive
Format 1/2,8 inch, HDTV 1080p (50/60 Hz)
Pixels 3264 x 1836 pixels (capture mode), 1920 x 1080 pixels (live view)
Video 1280 × 720 pixels video recording mode
Video outputs Digital HDMI, USB 2 (wireless mouse) output and High Speed 32 GB WiFi SD Card
Mounting C-mount interface, adapter is not included (0.35X to 0.55X C-Mount adapter is recommended)
Scan mode Progressive scan, Sensitivity 510 mV
Noise “3D Noise Reduction function
White balance Automatic/manual
Storage High Speed 32 GB WiFi SD Card (wireless data transfer)
Camera buttons On/Off
Power supply External main adapter 220/110 Vac to 12 Vdc/2A
Operation 0 to 60° C, 45 to 85 % humidity
Storage temperature -20 to 70° C
Supplied with HDMI cable, 12Vdc/2A power supply, High Speed 32 GB WiFi SD card and Wireless mouse.
Built-in mouse-driven software for image capturing, 1080p HD video recording, image comparison and browsing of image & video captures. Supplied without C-Mount adapter (consult your microscope dealer for c-mount adapter. 0.35x to 0.50x c-mount adapter is recommended to see identical area on the screen as on the eyepiece).
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