Astec-Bio, proudly introduces the EC-9 next generation incubator to the global market. Engineered and developed with a compact body made of Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP) that houses (9) personal incubation spaces. With distinct temperature control and gas supply for each chamber the EC-9 offers outstanding flexibility & convenience for its operator. It is smaller, safer and more personalized than any other incubator available in the market today. The EC-9 has revolutionized incubation for the next generation.Each chambers temperature (heated from Top & Bottom) are independently adjustable. Heated Lid prevents condensation and enhances temperature regulation and quick recovery. Pre-Heated Gas mixture is supplied independently to each chamber using our newly developed gas feeding aluminum modules. (The Gas tank is mounted seamlessly with CO2 and O2 sensors under the unit.)

The EC-9 allows operators to access their cultures in the desired chamber without disturbing the adjacent chambers thus the harmful effects of fluctuations in temperature and gas caused by everyday incubator access are avoided. A Multi-featured incubator created with you in mind!
Along with outstanding stability, the small 100mm³ incubation chamber gives EC-9 the ability to recover the temperature and gas level faster than any other incubator available in the market today.

Effectively laid out nine small chambers are optimally designed for one or two 35mm dish to be placed in each chamber. The new gas feeding system provides “personal incubation” where an opening of one chamber has no direct stress to the other unopened chambers. Temperature control is also independent to each chamber with the accuracy of ±0.1℃. 

The EC-9 is equipped with an easy access and convenient sampling ports located in the front of the unit. This allows the operator to access these ports without the need to move or reach behind the unit and possibly disturb the cultured embryos.
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