SCA series Direct heat Incubator

Our long-trusted incubator series with direct heating system, SCA Direct heat incubators provide reliable performance and friendly operation. From basic research to cutting-edge, demanding applications, SCA is designed to let you accomplish your work in the lab.

We offer a wide variety of options to suit your needs and budget. Stackable incubators available in sizes of 30, 80 and 165 liters, with Infra-red (IR) or Thermal conductive (TC) CO2 sensors, optional O2 control, and with or without dry-heat sterilization, we have you covered.

All Astec SCA incubators come with a two year warranty. 

Other options include an internal chamber HEPA filter, low profile rolling bases and outputs for external alarm and running condition monitoring systems. 

Available with a full glass inner door or optional stainless and glass multi-level door.

Inner chamber has rounded corners to make cleanup easy providing a cleaner environment. 

Easy to read display. Automatic CO2 and O2 sensor calibration every 7 to 10 days. 

External sample port for testing environmental gas level without opening the outer door. 

Access port is standard in the back of the incubator for running shakers or mixers inside the chambers.
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