Improve your success rates in Artificial Insemination with the full range of IUI catheters from Kitazato. To adapt to your preferences and cover your needs, Kitazato offers you 4 levels of rigidity and two different lengths in its IUI catheters.


The IUI catheter by Kitazato presents the following characteristics:

Four types of rigidity: Hard, Ultimate, Intermediate and Soft.
Tip with double lateral opening for improving the dispersion of the semen.
Smooth and rounded tip for an easy insertion.
Available in two lengths: 10cm and 18cm
Available in 6 Fr for its Hard, Ultimate and Intermediate models.
Available in 5.2 FR for its Soft models
Malleable stylet with internal channel available for any of the insemination catheters, allowing the desired form to be given to channel and deposit the sample in the chosen place.
Model with integrated stylet available.
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